Thursday, July 3, 2008

Student Nurses Enrollment

1st July 2008 was new recruitment for next student nurses batches (all categories). Every college in Malaysia was busy with the new intake of students. Parents were the busiest people who responsible to hand over their beloved daughter/son to the particular college. Where ever the college is, the parents will go to fulfill the MOH needs.

They have strong feeling and enthusiasm that MOH is the best place to trust on. Every student was given scholarship to maintain the continuity of the study. Ministry of Health offers the students not even the scholarship but nobody jobless after finished the course. Therefore, they need to be bonned with MOH at least 5 years.

In private sectors, the student applies to the college with quite ransom of moneys or PTPTN to be qualified nurse, but sometimes no job promises. Hopefully, the new intakes of students will reserve their efforts and practices hardly to achieve their goals and objectives.

On the very beginning was orientation week. To know each others, to mix around, to introduce to the college life, to co-operate among others and staffs.

After orientation week, a few of them may see that this kind of work are not appropriate and suitable with their taste, so they will sometime withdraw themselves from the course to find another solution of their multiple choices. But better think twice before jump to the final decision.

To all new recruitment students, welcome aboard! You choose the right way to be a good government servant. You may go for further study to enhance your knowledge by applying in your own selection arena.

Borang Permohonan Kemasukan
well done.!!! borang kemasukkan nurse IPTS swasta


sukj said...

A.kum Kak Mahani,

1. Jika dulu orang kurang pandang bidang 'nurse' ?

2. Tapi sekarang ia merupakan bidang yang diburu ramai anak-anak tempatan.

3. So jangan lepaskan peluang ini. Kerjaya yang cemerlang dimasa depan

Mahani binti Molok said...

salam SU-KJ baru balik dari Ipoh ler letih nie.. tengukk ada su-kj aktif kembali kat blog .huhuhuhu ok teruskan menulis dengan sedailnya.. jangan stop menulis blpg lagi.. assalamualaikumm

Letting the time pass me by said...

Adik saya pun Nurse jugak... dia kerja kat Gleanegel KL...

Selalu duduk kat OT ... tolong doktor bedah...

melayuangkat said...


All the BEST and GOOD LUCK for all the new intake nurses.

Also the same wish for the lecturers, teachers or mentors.

Berkhidmat untuk bangsa, agama dan negara!!