Monday, May 26, 2008

Ticket ! oh ticket !

I received a letter which requires me to be outstation for a week in KL. I’ll be responsible for marking examination papers. Of course, I’ll be marking for the nursing student and grade them as according to their performance in finals.

During the day, I should have been on ride to reach KL before 6.00 p.m.

However, the unfortunate events start from here whereby my husband and I went to Segamat Bus Station to get ticket to KL. All stations were actually putting the “SOLD OUT TICKET” and you know what it means, don’t you? I understand under this circumstance that during school holidays, there’re probably didn’t expect the ticket sold out so soon. It was only 10 in the Morning. By then, there’s train station near the Bus Station. I was totally shocked because the ticket too was sold out. It’s not my luck probably? Or shall I say, I’m late? ..

We turned back to home and my husband decided to send me off to Malacca central. On the way to Malacca, we dropped in Tangkak to get ticket, if there’s any. It must be a busy day, I thought, when I was informed by the people in charge that there is no more ticket left. The ticket for next day and another day were also sold off today.

Last chance, we’re heading to Malacca Central. The only hope left because my husband has to manage his business and unable to send me to KL. Furthermore, I’m not driving because I’ll be busy marking the papers all day long in the hotel with others tutor too. I guess I won’t have time for looking around or visit KL this time. Ah, I’ve feel the exhaustion.

After asking for the available in every counter they have in Malacca Central…Finally! ONE! Only one has ticket to KL and it’ll move by 6.00p.m. Never mind, the meeting starts at 8.00p.m. and I’ll definitely will able to make it on time. Thank god for the last ticket.

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